Eclipse will lead to upsurge in UFO sightings and crazy behaviour claims ex MoD man


A MAN who was been at the heart of organising Ministry of Defence (MoD) contingency plans for upcoming total eclipse sightings has warned there could be an upsurge in UFO sightings and strange behaviour today. Nick Pope worked for the UK MoD in the 1990s and was involved in investigating the UFO phenomenon and contingency planning for the chaos caused by a total eclipse. Today’s total solar eclipse will be seen in the UK at around 7.40pm. It is called the Great American Eclipse because it can be seen at totality from the west to the east coast. Mr Pope, who now speaks at UFO conferences across the globe, expects an increase in UFO sighting. He said: “Past experience suggests there will be an upsurge in UFO sightings during the total eclipse. “I suspect many of these will turn out to be news helicopters filming the crowds, or drones flown by amateur photographers, and maybe the sightings occur simply because more people are looking at the sky. “But don't be surprised if Monday's eclipse results in hundreds of UFO sightings all across America.” He also said to expect strange behaviour during the eclipse. He added: “Sadly, there's a dark side - pun intended - to the eclipse. “Such events bring out the crazies, and I confidently predict that there will be an upsurge in nutjobbery at the time of the total eclipse. “I’ve already seen predictions that the world will end, along with suggestions that we'll see more sightings of Bigfoot, demons, and all manner of other weird stuff.” Mr Pope also revealed how eclipses were a headache for the authorities due to huge numbers of people descending on areas where the eclipse will reach totality. He said: “With millions of people squeezing into a small geographic area, there are tremendous pressures on infrastructure. “Petrol stations run out of fuel, cash machines run out of money, and shops run out of food.