Paul Ryan in Panic After New LEAKED AUDIO is EXPOSED – Look What He Just Said About Trump Behind His Back


It turns out that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan went behind the backs of all of his political allies, Trump included, to obstruct the president’s agenda and work with the Democrats. He is a traitor and new LEAKED AUDIO will shock you. The Breitbart News Network has uncovered leaked audio that reveals that Speaker Paul Ryan badmouths Donald Trump behind his back. “His comments are not anywhere in keeping with our party’s principles and values. There are basically two things that I want to make really clear, as for myself as your Speaker. I am not going to defend Donald Trump—not now, not in the future. As you probably heard, I disinvited him from my first congressional district GOP event this weekend—a thing I do every year. And I’m not going to be campaigning with him over the next 30 days. Look, you guys know I have real concerns with our nominee. I hope you appreciate that I’m doing what I think is best for you, the members, not what’s best for me. So, I want to do what’s best for our members, and I think this is the right thing to do. I’m going to focus my time on campaigning for House Republicans. I talked to a bunch of you over the last 72 hours and here is basically my takeaway. To everyone on this call, this is going to be a turbulent month. Many of you on this call are facing tough reelections. Some of you are not. But with respect to Donald Trump, I would encourage you to do what you think is best and do what you feel you need to do. Personally, you need to decide what’s best for you. And you all know what’s best for you where you are.” Hopefully, voters will remember Paul Ryan’s words when he is up for re-election. Paul Ryan has stood in Trump’s way many times but now that Trump is President, Ryan has suddenly changed many of his views. Do you think It’s time for a change in Congress?!?! What should trump do about Paul Ryan?