Saudi Pilots Reject to Target ISIS Members in Iraq and Syria


The Saudi military Intelligence reportedly had arrested two senior F-16 pilots whom turned down their missions in late October, expressing their utmost resentment toward their country’s alliance with the United States against ISIL in Iraq and Syria, a new report said. The Saudi rebel officers argued that it is against their set of ethics and religious views to target their fellow Wahhabi brothers in Iraq and neighboring Syria. White House officials and CIA had informed the Saudis that their American-trained pilots are in fact jettisoning their bombs and ammunitions over inconsequential or totally unpopulated areas and then returning to their bases in Saudi Arabia. A growing number of Saudis including high-ranking army officers strongly believe the Saudi authorities were using ISIL as a precious bargain chip to secure its grip on war-ravaged Middle-East. The crisis of disobedient Saudi officers descended into a real nightmare when the two pilots somehow managed to access to their facebookaccounts and post diatribes and undermine the Saudi regime’s double-track policy regarding the US-led campaign against the ISIL terrorists in battle-scarred Iraq and Syria. Amid US assiduous efforts to form a wide-range anti-ISIL campaign, many oil-rich Arab kingdoms including Saudi Arabia, a longtime White House ally, attempted to convince Obama administration that it will serve America’s best interests in Middle-East to restore the power to former ruling Iraqi Ba’ath Party of notorious Saddam Hussein. The two Saudi pilots purportedly are being held incommunicado for weeks without being indicted or charged, waiting to be tried in military court.