New Docs EXPOSE Clinton Secret Ally, Media Silent!


The mainstream media won’t touch this. In fact, if they did it would prove disastrous for them. According to: allenbwest When it was revealed that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort failed to disclose his lobbying efforts on behalf of a Putin friendly firm, the liberal media had a collective meltdown. To them, it was more evidence to prop up their Russian collusion narrative. But despite their combined efforts — and over a year of trying — no proof has emerged of wrongdoing by the Trump campaign.Meanwhile, a similar story has played out in the Clinton camp. However, the media has largely ignored the developments. From the Washington Examiner: The Podesta Group belatedly filed several new disclosures with the Justice Department on Aug. 17 related to work the firm completed between 2012 and 2014 on behalf of a pro-Russia Ukrainian think tank. Back in April, the powerful Washington lobbying firm run by Clinton ally Tony Podesta filed a document admitting its work for the pro-Russia European Centre for a Modern Ukraine may have principally benefited a foreign government. New disclosures revealed dozens of previously unreported interactions the firm made with influential government offices, including Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the office of former Vice President Joe Biden, while lobbying on behalf of the center.. One of the filings is for Tony Podesta himself, who was a bundler for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Tony and his brother John–Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman–co-founded the lobbying firm in 1988. The new disclosures come after the Podesta Group was already forced to correct its orginal filing in April: At the time of the firm’s retroactive filing in April, Politico reported CEO Kimberly Fritts “said in a statement that the firm relied on assurances from the think tank, the European Centre for Modern Ukraine, that it was not controlled or financed by a foreign government or political party. Based on that information, the firm disclosed its work to Congress rather than to the Justice Department.” Unsurprisingly, despite the similarities to the Manafort story, the Podesta disclosures have garnered almost no coverage. Clearly, failure to properly report lobbying on behalf of a foreign government is only a story when it advances a media narrative. When the opposite is true, the silence is suddenly deafening. Good that we have President Trump now, he was elected by the laws of our countries. Now, he is trying to make the best of bad situations brought about by years of neglect and hatred.