Alligator Sanctuary On Alert As Floodwaters Threaten To Unleash Hundreds Of Gators


An alligator sanctuary in southeast Texas says it’s on high alert as rising floodwaters risk the escape of roughly 350 gators. Workers at Gator Country in Beaumont have been busy patrolling the watery grounds of the 15-acre preserve as water from Hurricane Harvey’s rain inches closer to the top of fences that enclose the reptiles. As of Monday evening, none had gotten loose. “We’re less than a foot from going over the fences. All of these are certified high fences, but look ― when it won’t quit, it won’t quit,” Gary Saurage, who founded the sanctuary in 2005, told local station KFDM during a tour on Monday.aurage assured neighbors that not all of the sanctuary’s animals risk escape. “The good news is, we caught all of our crocodiles, all of our venomous snakes,” he said. “Everything that is not from here, we have put up and moved to a safe place.” That includes two 13-foot alligators, Big Al and Big Tex. Those reptiles have been placed in trailers, where they will stay until the flooding subsides, Saurage said. Earlier, he posted an alert on Facebook requesting help moving the two gators.