SPECIAL REPORT: After Liberal Media Lied About Trump’s Sheriff Joe Pardon, Hannity Leaked Their Worst Nightmare on Live TV


When Trump was first elected, there were supporters, people on the fence, and liberals. We are PROUD to report that the supporters were right, the people on the fence are becoming believers, and, well, we all know how liberals like to act (regardless of the facts being presented). Sean Hannity just released a MAJOR piece of truth!Ever since President Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe on Friday, the mainstream media has been in full meltdown mode. First, they attacked him for announcing the pardon during a Hurricane, as if he wasn’t still working 24/7 to prepare for the Hurricane. Then, the media said Trump’s pardon was unprecedented. Well, Sean Hannity went on Live TV last night and exposed their worst nightmare. (Video Below) Hannity glared into the camera and leaked the names of 4 people who were pardoned by Obama or Bill Clinton. Included in these names were MURDERERS, Thiefs, terrorists, and FBI most wanted criminals. All of which are 10,According to Hannity, these are the people that Clinton and Obama pardoned: Mark Rich – Was on the FBI’s most wanted list, but his wife donated 400k to the Clinton library, and then Bill Clinton pardoned him. F.A.L.N (Terrorist Group) – Committed over 100 bombings in major American cities, killing 5 people. Bill Clinton pardoned 16 of them. Oscar Lopez Rivera – Was sentenced to 55 years in prison for trying to overthrow the U.S. government. Obama pardoned him. THIS is the presidency that we knew would occur under Trump. The wonderful patriots of this country elected him into office because we knew exactly what we needed in our country.